How Databricks Helps Sportsbet

Sportsbet is an online and mobile betting site that allows Aussies to place wagers on, well, pretty much anything. It covers all the big ones like AFL and NRL, but also horse races and cricket matches. It has an exhaustive list of exotics and even lets punters bet on reality show contests and TV plotlines.

Founded in 1993 as Australia’s first licensed bookmaker, sportsbet is now the country’s biggest corporate bookmaker and makes over 1.1 billion bets each year. Matthew Tripp bought the company in 2006 for a reported AU$250,000, and he transformed it into an industry powerhouse by introducing new technologies and services.

In addition to offering an expansive array of betting markets and options, Sportsbet also has a reputation for justice payouts and refunds. It’s an important part of their ethos and sets them apart from other Australian bookmakers.

As one of the leading operators in their space, Sportsbet relies on data to make smart decisions for their customers. They use Databricks to streamline their operations and democratize data—enabling them to deliver personalized content and increase customer loyalty and revenue. For example, they use Databricks to speed up their real-time data processing and machine learning models to reduce time to market for new offerings. This allows them to collect feedback faster from their customers, iterate and operationalize models more quickly. As a result, they’ve been able to save over half a million dollars on infrastructure costs. This is a significant savings considering the size and scale of their business.