Legitimacy of Online Poker

Online poker is played by players from all over the world, using their computers or mobile devices to log into an internet-connected casino. Players can play at any time of day or night, without ever having to leave their homes or travel to a brick-and-mortar casino.

The larger playing pool that online poker offers has many advantages for both experienced and beginner players. First, the softer competition means there are more opportunities to win money. Second, the broader player pool creates a much more diverse field for each game type, which can help beginners develop their skills and prepare to move up in stakes.

A number of new players have questions about the legitimacy of online poker, and while there have been a few instances where disgruntled employees have hacked into an organization’s system and benefitted financially from certain hands, it is extremely unlikely that any reputable site would intentionally cheat its players out of money. It simply is not worth the risk to the poker industry’s reputation and financial stability to knowingly break the law.

The good news is that New York lawmakers are working on an iGaming bill that will include legal online poker, as are Connecticut and Kentucky legislators. In addition, California lawmakers have been trying for years to pass legislation that would legalize online poker, but those efforts have so far failed. However, the state’s residents can still gamble for real money at offshore online poker sites.